Why use CV Professionals?

Your CV is a key document, which affects your entire career – why not consult the experts?

  • CV Professionals are HR, communications and marketing specialists, bringing a unique combination of skills and experience to career development.

  • We have more than 20 years experience preparing CVs for our clients.

  • Our experience includes public and private sectors - both in-house and consultancy.

  • We bring objectivity to your CV – something you can’t possess.

  • Our CVs emphasise the experience, skills and trends relevant to your career move.

  • We analyse your career to Identify different employment opportunities you might not otherwise consider.

  • CVs and Resumes are bespoke documents tailored to your individual objectives.

  • Our packages are flexible - you buy what you need.

  • Services are realistically priced and provide good value for money.

  • We write CVs for clients from widely varying backgrounds, no matter how complex and technical, and at all levels, including:

    Accountancy, Advertising, Aeronautical engineering, Airport management, Architecture, Army, Automotive engineering, Aviation, Avionics, Banking, Catering, Chartered surveyor, Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Computer Programming, Compliance and governance, Distribution management, Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering, Financial, Financial management, General management, Health and safety, Health care, Hotel management, Insurance, Investment management, IT, Leisure industry, Local government, , Marine engineering, Marketing, Mechanical engineering, Medicine, Merchant Navy, Military, NHS management, Nursing, Oil exploration, Oil industry, Petrochemical, Pilot, Port management, PR, Publishing, Purchasing and supply, Quantity surveying, RAF, Retail management, Retailing, Royal Navy, Sales, Software engineering, Teaching, Telecommunications, Transport management.

Let us take on the pressure of preparing this vitally important document – this is what we are skilled at.