CV and Resume Writing Services.
Flexible services tailored to your needs.

Career start and Graduate CVs and Resumes

For students, recent graduates, initial job seekers, clients with up to two years in employment.

The Next Step CVs and Resumes

For clients with experience spanning two to ten years.

Mid career CVs and Resumes

For clients with ten to twenty years’ experience

Top management CVs and Resumes

For clients with extensive career experience or aspiring to top management positions

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When to purchase a Resume

The North American job market often requires a Resume, rather than a full CV. This is shorter, snappier and more condensed than the typical UK CV, and we are as experienced at preparing Resumes as CVs.

Additional Services - Available to purchasers of CVs and/or Resumes

Express service

Sometimes speed is essential, but we are able to meet your very tight deadlines - to turn around a draft within 24 hours. To achieve this, we focus solely on your CV, which is why we charge a premium for this service.

Telephone interview to complete CV questionnaire

Many clients are not comfortable with completing forms and questionnaires and prefer to discuss their career and aspirations with a consultant. We will go through our questionnaire with you, and discuss your career in detail. The fee includes a conversation of up to an hour.

The Letter of Application

This is your first opportunity to make an impression, and you want to ensure your CV is the one considered in detail. Whether you are responding to an advertisement, or sending out CVs speculatively, we can produce a letter presenting you as someone to be taken seriously.

Often, an advertisement will request a letter identifying how you fit the requirements of the job. Through the letter we can highlight how you fit the profile..

Equally, with a speculative letter, we are able to target the particular area of commerce or industry you are interested in, relating the CV to the needs of those types of organisation.

Job Application Form Completion Service

Most employers nowadays request CVs, but there are occasions when you will be asked to complete an application form. Some of these are quite complex - designed to test your specific competencies for the vacancy, so we have differing fees for forms of varying length and complexity.

We are able to complete on-line and downloadable forms. However, for forms requiring completion by hand, please e-mail or telephone us to see how we might help you.

Interview preparation

In the competition for the best jobs, preparing properly for the interview is critically important – CV Professionals’ consultants are uniquely placed to advise you on the questioning you may face at interview. Having written your CV, we will have a detailed appreciation of the areas likely to be probed at the interview.

The service includes a conversation of up to one hour covering the questions likely to be asked; how to deal with difficult issues around your career and any concerns you may have about the interview.