CVProfessionals FAQ's

Why do I need a CV?

It is a selling document, which will help you take the next step in your career. If you are job hunting, you have to sell yourself – and your CV is a tool to help you.

Why do I need professional help with CV writing?

CV Professionals will bring objectivity to your CV – something you can’t possess. People are either diffident about blowing their own trumpet, or overstate their abilities. The fact that we are detached allows us to make an objective assessment of your skills, experience and abilities, and to present them powerfully, but without making claims you can’t live up to at interview.

It is a well accepted fact that busy recruiters spend less than a minute reading CVs during a first sift. Therefore, yours has to grab them and make them read on – that is why you need professional help.

Why should I choose CV Professionals to write my CV?

What seems a complex and challenging task to most people is one we have undertaken successfully for many clients from a wide range of professional backgrounds and levels of experience over many years – ranging from recent graduates to chief executive officers. In short we have the skill and experience.

Do I need a Resume?

Resumes, rather than CVs, tend to be used in the North American job market. They are shorter and snappier versions of the UK style CV. CV Professionals has extensive experience of Resume writing for clients looking for jobs in the USA.

Why do you have differing services?

We recognise the needs of a new entrant to working life – such as graduates and school leavers are very different from clients with extensive work experience. CV Professionals has prepared CVs for clients at all levels in their careers. As recruitment specialists, we understand what employers are looking for, whether it is for a graduate training scheme or for a senior director.

My career is in a very specialised area: will I need a general CV or one specially written for my discipline, and if so can you prepare it?

As you are a specialist in your field, so are we in CV preparation. Let us do the research and provide the answers. We have prepared CVs for people in a wide range of industries. Don’t forget that recruitment is a specialised discipline in its own right and that its specialist skills apply across the board – whether it is industry, commerce, public or private sector.

However we are very conscious that your skills, abilities and experience are unique to you, and it is our job to present them as strongly as possible to prospective employers whoever they are.

What will my CV look like?

All of us are different and it follows that every CV will be unique to its owner, although we tend to follow patterns of layout, which present CVs in a readable and easy to assimilate form for an employer. What we produce is a bespoke document, which emphasises your unique characteristics.

I can’t find any sample CVs on the website

Because your CV is unique to you, it would most likely be misleading to produce replica CVs for sales purposes. Every CV is different, so a representative sample would be impossible to mock up, and we could not, nor would it be professional or ethical to use actual CVs. We are subject to the Data Protection Act and that prevents us displaying other people’s CVs without their express permission.

How long will my CV preparation take?

We normally require four working days to produce a draft of your CV – this is because we believe that preparation of the CV should be properly reflected over to ensure we meet your needs.

Can CV Professionals help if I need my CV in a rush to meet a job application deadline?

If you require your CV faster than our standard service level, we offer a 24 hour Express Service, you can see details on our Services page.

Why is the Express Service more expensive?

CV preparation is not something to be rushed – although we do accept that sometimes clients need a CV in a hurry. CV Professionals is committed to taking time and care in writing your CV, so it accurately reflects your career, aims and ambitions. When you buy our Express service, you are buying our undivided attention. This enables us to give preparation of your CV, the time and attention needed to produce a properly considered document.

Can CV Professionals help writing job application letters?

Yes, please see our Services page for details of the additional services we offer.

Sending an accompanying letter with your CV may seem a pretty straightforward process – the work of minutes to dash off a couple of lines. But this is your first opportunity to make an impression, and you want to ensure your CV is the one considered in. Whether you are responding to an advertisement, or sending out CVs speculatively, we can produce a letter presenting you as someone to be taken seriously.

What happens after I have ordered and paid for the service?

You will be e-mailed with a copy of our questionnaire to complete, plus full guidance on what information we need. Once you have e-mailed the completed questionnaire to us, we start work drafting your CV to meet the deadline for the level of service you have selected. Alternatively we are happy to work from your existing CV, plus any other documents such as job descriptions. We also prepare targeted questions relating to your current career aspirations, for you to answer.

We e-mail a draft to you for comment and approval, and do not produce the master CV, until you are satisfied with the draft.

I hate filling in forms, how can you help me?

CV Professionals can help in a number of ways. We understand that some people really do not cope well when confronted with a form, or simply do not have the time to do it. We offer a telephone interview service, where we can take all the details we need to prepare your CV, so you don’t have to complete our questionnaire.

We also offer a job application form completion service, for those occasions where an employer requires a form as well as a CV.

Please see our Services page for details of the additional services we offer.

Can CV Professionals help with preparing letters and copies of my CV for a bulk mail out to employers?

Yes, please see our Services page for details of the additional services we offer.

What if my circumstances change after I’ve paid for a CV and it hasn’t be completed, can I have a refund?

Should a client’s circumstances change and he or she no longer wish to proceed with our services, CV Professionals will consider a request for a refund, but will charge a fee for work already carried out plus a nominal administration charge.

We should state that we operate under the provisions of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 and Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) (Amendment) Regulations (2005), E.Commerce Regulations (2002). In general, once an order has been placed, there is no right of refund in the case of a purchaser wishing not to proceed with the service at any stage of the production of his or her CV, or any other service provided by CV Professionals.